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Koowheel K7vc Skateboard

  • $ 54999
  • MSRP $ 749.99

1.New Dual Hub with removeable wheel,much more easier to change the wheels now(VERY IMPORTANT);
2.New customized PCB boards specially  used for skateboard and remote control(VERY IMPORTANT);
Signal-loss ,suddenly stops and other problems have been fixed. 
Acceleration and braking are more linear,so much more comfortable for riding.
Quality stable and reliable.
3.The motherboard  housing is thicker than before,no more broken(VERY IMPORTANT).
4.The battery connector upgraded
5.The charger adapter will be available to sell as spare part,To charge the battery separetely.
6.DC charger plug instead of 3Pins charger. easier and safer than before.
7.Onyx edition,Black Motor&Black wheels available  other colors anymore.
8.Come with larger wheel(97MM diameter),V1  was 90MM.
9.New better remote control .
10.Picture of D3M V2 attached for your reference.