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Airwheel S3T Scooter White Orange

  • $ 1,12000
  • MSRP $ 1,999.99

The Airwheel S3T is an incredible revolutionary design with built in speakers and wireless bluetooth connection. Capable of incredible distances from 25-30 miles on a single battery charge, the Airwheel S3T is easy to use for all! Hold the handle and lean in the direction you wish to go! – Just lean more to go faster! The standing platform is wide enough for all users to comfortably stand, with the handle bar at a comfortable height for all users. The unit comes with a display screen and 2 remote controls. The display shows the battery life, speed and miles achieved. The remote controls the head lights and power. If you want to view and receive more information on this product from the official website please visit the link Airwheel S3T (Note: This action will take you off-site).


  • Orange and White

Battery Size:

  • 520Wh (30 ~ 35 miles)


  • 75 lbs


  • Up to 12 MPH
  • 16in Tires

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