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C5 Smart Helmet

  • $ 12500
  • MSRP $ 299.99

Airwheel is introducing it's brand new intelligent helmet that allows to play music, record video, and connect to your smartphone in one unique device. This insanely cool helmet captures your footage at an outstanding HDR resolution of 2304x1296, giving you the ability to capture wide view angles with vivid capacity. Another awesome feature about the helmet is it's built in WiFi module which enables you the user to connect to networks in order to transmit your latest image or video footage. The headset also has a built-in bluetooth speaker which is specifically designed for hands-free riding. The microphone also has windbreak and de-noiser filters to guarantee clear calling during your ride. If you want to view and receive more information on this product from the official website please visit the link Airwheel C5 (Note: This action will take you off-site)