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Airwheel E6 Electric Bicycle

  • $ 59999
  • MSRP $ 849.99

This brand new intelligent e-bike brings a whole new dimension to convenient and luxurious travel! One of the key features of this radical new bicycle is the fact that it is an extremely durable due to its aluminum alloy frame. You might have also noticed the strange "X" shape figure; well this is another feature that allows you, the customer, to fold it! Thus making it extremely light and portable. The idea is so that people can fold it and carry it onto: buses, subways, and trains. The new and updated quality batter has also been modified to allow for quick charging and longer duration of life. The battery gets roughly 800 charges and takes only 3.5 hours to charge completely. Pre-order now and get $50 OFF! If you want to view and receive more information on this product from the official website please visit the link Airwheel E6 (Note: This action will take you off-site).


  • Orange and White

Battery Size:

  • 250Wh (6-8 miles)


  • 31 lbs


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