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Airwheel Z5 Scooter

  • $ 64999
  • MSRP $ 679.99

The Airwheel Z5 is a revolutionary new design when it comes to Scooters -- there is so much packed into this new model it's absolutely astonishing. One of the main features is the compactness of this model; as the user you can fold, store, or carry this unit virtually anywhere that you are traveling too. Another thing is the whopping capacity of this model, which allows the user to travel up to several miles! If you want to view and receive more information on this product from the official website please visit the link Airwheel Z5 (Note: This action will take you off-site).


  • Black and Orange

Battery Size:

  • 162Wh (2 ~ 4 miles)


  • 25 lbs


  • Up to 15 MPH
  • Foldable Frame

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