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Airwheel M3 Scooter Skateboard

  • $ 29999
  • MSRP $ 599.99

The Airwheel M3 Skateboard is a one of a kind unit as it is fully powered by an electric motor which is remotely controlled, giving the user ultimate control over the board. The only job of the rider is to focus on manuevering their body weight in order to steer and practice new tricks. In essence, it feels as if you were skiing down a steep mountain or surfing on the concrete. Safety comes first for all tools intended to be used on road. Despite playing an important role in keep a consistent performance, wheels also being critical in achieving an instant brake and skid-proof riding at high speed. Airwheel M3 chooses customized tires from quality top brand, which are more wearable, more stronger in grip effect and anti-skid ability, to ensure a safe and stable riding experience. As Airwheel M3 doesn’t have a LED display to indicate unit condition and battery level, a smart phone APP becomes vitally important for security check before each trip. Important information as current power level, temperature, speed, etc. are conveniently readable on a visualized smart phone interface, on which a record of achieved range after a journey is also availableIf you want to view and receive more information on this product from the official website please visit the link Airwheel M3 (Note: This action will take you off-site).


  • Black and Tan

Battery Size:

  • 163 Wh (6 ~ 7 miles)


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